Hey Yellowish Blissfulness Means friends!  My charge is Kelley and I assets undemanding recipes over at the Assignment aliveness.  I am caretaker agitated to be here today to percentage one of my rival season instance drinks.  Alcoholic birthmark lemonade!  It's perfect for a kin BBQ or get together.  But honourable be diligent ? this one is adults exclusive!

I'm a calved and raised Southeastward Texas lover, so our summers are HOT.  Equal slip in the accommodation during limit hours hot.  So we do a lot of eventide BBQs with friends when the sun is rightful background and the zephyr is yield up.  I don't believe there is anything outgo then chatting with friends and sipping on a homemade pledge.


Right this ancient weekend my lyceum building friends came over for BBQ dark at our concern.  I like feat unitedly with my friends but I jazz existence the innkeeper.  I get to direction most of the aliment and since I know to prepare it's reactionist up my alley.  This experience we did Italian steak kebabs, a caprese salad, Mexican street callosity and this spiked nevus lemonade!  Nonnegative a yummy course.  Because let's be direct ? sweet is the top try!

I was competent to make most of the party before everyone came over including this alcoholic strawberry lemonade.  It was majuscule to person things already precooked so that we were competent to savor our society.  And this recipe makes a nourished thrower so we were competent to cook, claver and sip gone.


  • 1 cup water
  • 1½ cup sugar
  • Lemonade:
  • 2 cups lemon juice from about 5-6 large lemons
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 1-2 cups vodka
  • water to fill the pitcher
  1. To make the obtuse syrup, put the thing and dulcorate in a diminutive saucepan over job alter. Transmit to a move and add the strawberries formerly the edulcorate has dissolved.
  2. Fragment the strawberries formerly they turn salving.
  3. Mix the simplified sirup unitedly with the sweet citrus juice and add to a pitcher.
  4. Add in the vodka.
  5. Fill the pitcher with raw food and/or ice.
  6. Decorate your change with saucy strike and strawberries. Enjoy!

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